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Breast Surgery

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts to create balance and enhance the appearance of your breasts in proportion to your body.


Why Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with large breasts may choose to have breast reduction surgery to achieve a breast size proportionate to their body. Breast reduction surgery can also be used to help alleviate self-image issues and the chronic physical pain and discomfort associated with the weight of oversized breasts.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

  • You are in good physical health

  • You don’t smoke

  • You feel that your breasts are too large

  • You have breasts that limit your physical activity

  • You experience back, neck and shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts

  • You have shoulder indentations from bra straps

  • You have skin irritation beneath the breast crease

  • Your expectations of the surgery are realistic


What to Expect

Breast reduction surgery is usually an outpatient procedure, typically performed under general anesthesia. The surgical technique and incision used to reduce the size of your breasts can vary based on your individual condition, breast composition, and the amount of reduction desired. After the incision is made, Dr. Camp will remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin to reduce the size of each breast. She will then reshape the breasts, repositioning the nipple and areola as needed.


After breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be bandaged or placed in a gauze dressing. Thin, temporary drainage tubes may also be placed under each of your arms. You’ll likely experience some soreness, swelling and bruising, and you’ll need to limit your physical activity for about 2-4 weeks while your breasts heal.


You will notice immediate changes after surgery, which will become more apparent as the swelling goes down. Your new breast size should help to relieve the pain and physical limitations you experienced prior to surgery.

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